The Council for Intellectual Values and Inclusive Community strives to uphold certain principles to ensure a climate of respect and open inquiry.

We intend:

  • To hold conversations in good faith.
  • To listen and speak with the intention to understand one another better, rather than “win” an argument.
  • To try and avoid ad hominem attacks and straw-manning.*
  • To make claims that are supported by evidence when possible.
  • To prioritize true open inquiry, with the understanding that difficult conversations can carry a risk of causing occasional discomfort and even offense.
  • To encourage and cultivate a sense of resiliency and respect among disagreements.
  • To focus our speech on our own beliefs and thoughts, and to avoid putting words in other people’s mouths.
  • To interact with others with philosophical charity, giving others the benefit of the doubt, and assuming that your interlocutors have good intentions.
  • To focus on the argument/point being made and to avoid derailing conversations by pivoting, or focusing on the tone/personal attributes of the person speaking.

*For more information on logical fallacies, please go here.

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